Thursday, June 13, 2013

I will not let this blog die!

So, Jack has an immaculate homemade scrapbook from birth-two, and his baby book is full of details. Jovie has a few pages of a homemade scrapbook, but lots and lots of blog and Facebook attention, and a semi-complete baby book. Jasper is almost 10 months old, and has nothing to show for it, and serious guilt is starting to set in. Therefore, I'm rushing out to buy a baby book and fill it up, and I'm devoting any spare time to blogging about his wonderful existence and what it's meant to us because I just can't stand it any longer! That's not to say that he isn't doted on. He's by far received the most attention, as it has been almost a year since I've worked outside of the home.

So, I'm going to start with the present and work my way back since I think it'll be easier for me to document that way.

Today is the first official day of summer break as school just let out for Jack! We are so excited to have our big brother home to hang out with us! We are counting down the days until we get to visit Rob's parents in California (they moved), so I'll definitely be posting about our trip soon.

Jasper is 9 months old, and such a joy. He's a chunky, smiley, fun-loving baby. He is sitting, rolling, trying to scoot, and FINALLY found out how to bear weight on his great big legs! Here is his first backyard pool experience during one of our 80 degree days in May. He has super sensitive skin, so sunscreen has been a horrible experience for us...hence the hoodie :)

At 8 months, Jasper mastered sitting and reaching for toys without falling over, and is obsessed with anything remote control oriented. We also spent lots of time at the ballfield watching Jack play baseball, so Jasper had his first ride on the baby swing.
At the beginning of baseball season (end of March) Jack had his tonsils and adenoids removed. This was after many months of recurrent tonsillitis and lots of missed school. He did so great, I was amazed!
Between 6-7 months (Feb-March) Jasper worked on sprouting his first teeth, but it didn't phase him too much. Such a trooper!
Tax season was exceptionally long this year, so we did whatever we could to pass the time, and if it was the least bit sunny, we'd head out to burn off some energy. This was one of those days in late February where I think it almost hit 60! Oh yeah, GO COUGS! Jasper 6 months.
In the beginning of February ROB FINISHED HIS CPA!!! I threw him a surprise party and we had a blast.
At 5 months (end of January) Jasper had graduated from rice cereal and had already tried most of the vegetables. Now he eats anything that is put in front of him, and is very schedule oriented, but I feel like that's what maintains his happy-go-lucky mood. And yes, it was looking at this picture that made me realize he needed a haircut!
In January Jovie turned 4! She got her ears pierced, got to bring cupcakes to school, and had a great time celebrating with her family and friends!
Jasper started cereal right at 4 months (December 31st).
We celebrated Christmas with all our favorite people, then said goodbye to Grandpa and Grammy Day in January :( as they embarked on a new journey/chapter in their lives in California!
And that pretty much brings us to the last blog posting where I wished everyone a merry Christmas and promised to resume "normal blog activity" hahaha! I'm re-committed though...if not for anyone else, surely for myself, my kids, and a documentation of our lives and memories. I'm committed to starting anew with documenting more frequently, because I look back and realize I skip over important events, such as my mom's birthday and the anniversary of her death, and I never want to forget how we "celebrated" those events...nor do I want ANY of my children to feel like I didn't prioritize documenting their existence!


Lindsey said...

I check almost weekly to see if there is a new post! So happy tonight when there was one!! Hard to believe how time flies. Seems like yesterday we were meeting "oh if I could only remember the first name Rob texted" hahaha Jasper is a cutie!! Look forward to reading more!!

Natasha said...

Glad your back! Jasper is so cute and growing up so fast :( Love Jovie's birthday cake too!